With a name like “Dry Shampoo”, it’s no wonder some feel confused about what exactly it is. Is it a shampoo? Is it a styling product? What is it?!

Dry Shampoo is a product intended to absorb excess oil from the scalp and hair. So essentially it is more of a styling product and less of a cleansing agent. It can be a great fix for after a workout or between hair washings to add more volume and texture to flat hair. Simply apply dry shampoo directly to your scalp, massage through with your fingertips and style as usual.

Ingredients typically include starch and/or alcohol for their ability to absorb oil. Because of this, Dry Shampoo can cause dryness to the hair and scalp if overused and is not a replacement for cleansing hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Is it a product for you? Maybe! If you’d like to give Dry Shampoo a try, we recommend Davines Hair Refresher because of its lightweight feel and lemony fragrance. Let us know what you think!