The art of natural looking hair color is reflective of what nature herself would do – showcase the beauty created by dimension. 

Subtle, sun-kissed face framing. Bright blonde ends reminiscent of summers at the beach. Allowing your natural grey to begin shining through or masking grey entirely while creating believable dimension. 

Techniques such as open-air balayage, faux balayage, reverse balayage, foil highlighting and grey blending are used to create signature looks unique to the individual. The outcome is effortless looking hair color that appears as nature intended, only better. 



Just the Base
(root touch up): Great for the client who wants to touch up regrowth at the scalp. (1.5 hours – $100 to $112+)

The Base Blend and Refresh
(all over color): Great for the client who wants to touch up the color at their scalp and also refresh their ends. (1.75 hours – $125 to $145+)

Shine and Refresh
(toner or gloss): This gentle service is ideal for those seeking a gentle, translucent color refresh. (1.25 hours – $100 to $112+)


The Subtle-Kiss Balayage
(face frame and a few pops): Focuses on the face frame and a few “pop” pieces to brighten and accentuate your features while maintaining depth at the root. (2.25 hours – $160 to $185+)

The Full-Kiss Balayage
(full Balayage):  Focuses on where the sun would hit naturally giving you brightness where it counts while maintaining depth at the root and your natural dimension. (3 hours – $205 to $235+)

Mini Lights
(just a few foil highlights): Focuses on the face frame and part line to brighten and blend. Best suited for one length haircuts. This service provides more contrast and is not “rooty” like Balayage. (1.75 hours – $130 to $150+)

Classic Lights
(regular foil highlights): Focuses on the whole head while maintaining dimension throughout. Best suited for layered haircuts. This service provides more contrast and is not “rooty” like Balayage. (2.25 hours – $180 to $202+)

Ultra Lights
(max foil highlights): Maximum highlighting for maximum lightness. This service leaves the least amount of dimension and lightens as much as possible within one session. (3.5 hours – $275 to $310+)

Dim the Lights
(reverse Balayage): Add depth back into hair while preserving a multi-toned, dimensional look. Ideal for hair that has been previously lightened or is excessively faded. (1.75 hours – $135 to $155+)

Threads of Wisdom
(grey blending/grey grow out): This service aims to transition you from full coverage color to multi-toned, dimensional color incorporating your own natural grey. (2.5 hours – $160 to $182)

(vivid color overlay):  From soft pastels to bright vivid colors, this service is perfect for those wanting a more colorful life. This service DOES NOT include pre-lightening the hair. Price ranges form $90/hr to $100/hr. *consultation is required prior to booking this service*

Fix it Please
(color correction) : This is a service for the client who is in need of a major color correction or who desires a drastic change in color. This service includes all repair treatments, conditioners, glosses and a style. Price ranges form $90/hrto $100/hr. *consultation is required prior to booking this service*


Custom Haircut :
A unique haircut and style customized especially for you. Includes a personalized consultation, shampoo, scalp massage, customized haircut and professional style. (1 hour – $55 to $65+)

Signature Blow Dry :
Shampoo, scalp massage, professional blow dry and style. (45 minutes – $45+)

The Big Day:
Upstyle and special event hair for any special occasion. (1 hour – $85+)

Calm it Down:
Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment reduces frizz and smooths unruly, coarse, curly hair. (3 hours – $285+)

Make Amends:
Olaplex bonding treatment to rebuild broken hair and prevent damage from chemicals. Can be booked as a stand alone service or added to any service. Does not include blow dry. (15 minutes – $60)


Add-On Deep Conditioning Treatment

Add-On Extra Time:
Added when the scheduled time is exceeded. ($15/15 minutes)

*all pricing is based on service time, products used and expertise of the stylist
*additional fees will apply if other services are added or if timing extends beyond schedule
*for more detailed pricing information, please visit our booking page on our website,