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Are You a Balayage Candidate?

Balayage is a technique used to lighten hair resulting in a natural, sunkissed look. The balayage look is reminiscent of youthful hair after a summer at the beach; golden and natural. Traditional Balayage uses a gentle, clay-based lightener to slowly lift...

Going Grey

Thinking about going grey? Read on to learn how to stop coloring your hair and let your natural grey shine through, tips from a hairdresser.  It’s trending right now! Look around you and see all of the lovely women rocking their natural grey hair. Have you wondered...

Healthy Hair Tips (From a Hairdresser)

We spend a lot of time abusing our hair. From shampooing too often, heat styling, sun damage, tight rubber bands. Our hair really takes a beating! This damage causes our hair to look dull and broken. Here are a few tips to maintain the health of your hair: Limit...