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be Rosie Salon is a fresh, new experience for our customers and our community. We believe in social responsibility, personal connection and community involvement.

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Haircuts And Hair Growth

Haircuts And Hair Growth

Does cutting your hair really make it grow faster? No, but regular trimming does lead to the appearance of longer hair. Let’s take a look at why: Cutting your hair removes split ends. If split ends are not removed they will continue to split up the strand of the hair...

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Second Day Hair Revival – 3 Tips

Second Day Hair Revival – 3 Tips

We wake up after a restful slumber and our hair is a mess - it’s frizzy, or flat, or sometimes both! Don’t fear. There are plenty of ways to revive second-day hair. Here are a few tips to get you started: Go with the frizz! Instead of fighting it, run with it. Take...

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Are you Shampooing Correctly?

Are you Shampooing Correctly?

You may not even have known that there is a correct way to shampoo your hair. There is! Knowing how to shampoo your hair properly will help decrease dryness and increase shine. Here’s how it’s done: When your hair is nice and wet, add a dime to nickel size amount of...

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We only carry products that we truly believe in.  Davines products are high quality and healthy for your hair.   They offer a diverse line of products to meet any hairs needs.

Need a recommendation? Tell your stylist your hair type and any problem you want to solve and the experts at be Rosie will make a recommendation that will leave your hair looking amazing!

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