Although summer is rejuvenating for the soul, if we’re not careful it can wreak havoc on our hair. Salt water, chlorine and extra sun exposure causes dryness, split ends and color fadage. But don’t worry! A few simple steps will help you protect your hair throughout the summer. We summed up summer hair care in our latest blog post: 

  • Avoid heat styling. Summer is a time to let loose and relax – why should your hair miss out? Avoiding heat styling gives your hair a much needed break, allowing it to retain moisture, heal and repair. A simple styling cream, like Kavella Defining Cream, is lightweight yet provides enough control to tame wave and frizz while air drying. Also experiment with braids, loose ponytails and headbands to accessorize your natural look.
  • Wear a hat. A hat on your head is like sunscreen on your skin. If you’re spending the day outdoors, tuck your hair into a cute hat to avoid drying sun exposure (not to mention a sunburn on your scalp, ouch!).
  • Saturate before submerging. Meaning if you MUST dip your head in the ocean or a pool, first saturate your hair with fresh water, apply a moisturizing conditioner and tie back in a bun. Your hair is like a sponge and this step will help act as a barrier protecting your hair from dehydrating salt and chemicals. If your hair dries between dips you must repeat the saturation process before jumping back in! 
  • Deep condition. Throughout the summer treat your hair to a weekly moisturizing hair mask to restore and rehydrate. We have plenty of hair treatments to choose from at Be Rosie, as well as other easy summer styling products. Ask any of our stylists for a suggestion, we’re happy to help!