We wake up after a restful slumber and our hair is a mess – it’s frizzy, or flat, or sometimes both! Don’t fear. There are plenty of ways to revive second-day hair. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Go with the frizz! Instead of fighting it, run with it. Take sections of your hair that aren’t as frizzy and add a little light tease. Once your hair is good and puffy, pull it back into a simple loose up style. Depending on hair length this can be a pony, braid, bun or even fun faux hawk for shorter hair. Complete this “undone” look with a polished outfit and bright lipstick. So chic.

Flat and lifeless? Try pulling your hair back into a tight, low pony. Once hair is secure, take a piece underneath and wrap it around the elastic securing with a bobby pin. This creates a nice “hair tie”.

Beachy, salty hair. This is a great technique for most hair types. Start with a curling iron or want to create a few loose waves toward the top of your hair. Then flip your head over and spray a salt spray, like Reverie Mare, into your hair concentrating on your roots. While your hair is flipped upside down use a hairdryer on low (or with a diffuser attachment) to scrunch salt spray into waves. Flip back, shake out and enjoy beachy, salty hair!