Thinking about going grey?

Read on to learn how to stop coloring your hair and let your natural grey shine through, tips from a hairdresser. 

It’s trending right now! Look around you and see all of the lovely women rocking their natural grey hair. Have you wondered what it would be like to stop coloring your hair and jump on the grey hair trend? In this post I’ll share with you some things to consider about growing out your grey hair.

  • First, you must exercise a lot of patience. Your hair has many years of color on it and it will take a long time to grow completely out. This is assuming you want to keep your hair at a medium to long length while transitioning to grey. Obviously, the more hair you cut off, the faster you will become completely grey.

  • You have to get comfortable with seeing yourself differently. When you look in the mirror you will look different. If you’ve spent your life with dark hair seeing yourself with light hair may be shocking! But remember, nature did this to us so it DOES look good. Grey hair is dimensional, has more texture and body. Most people love the extra volume grey hair provides.

  • You need to change your attitude. Grey does not have to look “old”. It can look stylish, sophisticated, shiny and current. But let’s be honest – if you do not maintain a fresh haircut and updated style it may not have the trendy effect you’re looking for.
  • You may not want to be completely grey and that is ok! You can still transition from coloring every single hair to letting some of your natural come through while keeping some color. This offers a more blended, natural look and requires much less maintenance.
  • Do a search for “grey hair” on Pinterest and see what you come up with. It’s inspirational to see other women with grey hair. This can help you start to visualize what you’ll look like and how you may want to alter your style slightly once you’ve gone grey.
  • There are many different professional techniques that hairdressers use to transition clients from full coverage color to a more natural look. Talk to your hairdresser about this and ask them about their process. They should be able to explain what you can expect, including overall desired result, length of time to achieve result and price
  • About price – if you’re used to having a basic tint retouch to cover your grey roots, you can expect this service to be more expensive than what you’re used to spending. But keep in mind that you’re transitioning away from coloring your hair, so the higher price will be temporary and less frequent than your current grey touch-ups.
  • The most important thing to remember is this: If you decide to embark on this journey, and you hate what you see, you can color your hair! It takes a phone call and color application to turn you back into the brunette you’ve grown to love.

If this has inspired you to think more seriously about growing out your grey hair, I hope you take the next step. A professional hairdresser will provide guidance and support along the way, and will make sure that you look nice throughout the process. Good luck!


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