You may not even have known that there is a correct way to shampoo your hair. There is! Knowing how to shampoo your hair properly will help decrease dryness and increase shine. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. When your hair is nice and wet, add a dime to nickel size amount of shampoo to your fingertips and start rubbing it directly onto your scalp, not your hair. You’ll vigorously rub the shampoo through your scalp, even if it’s not yet sudsing. Now slightly rinse adding more water to your hair.
  2. Repeat step 1 remembering to only scrub the shampoo into your scalp, not your hair. The second application should produce more suds. If not rinse again and repeat one more time. Each time you’re repeating the process you’re adding water to your scalp and only using a dime to nickel size of shampoo.
  3. Once your scalp is nice and sudsey, rinse the shampoo out completely leaving no residue – the shampoo that runs through your ends is all that’s needed to clean your hair. You should only ever scrub your hair with shampoo if it’s caked in mud or paint – for most of us those are rare instances.
  4. Ring the excess water from your hair and use about a nickel to quarter size amount of conditioner through your ends working your way up to your scalp. Yes, you can put conditioner directly on your scalp. If your hair is especially fine and limp it’s best to avoid this but for hair that is dry, damaged, corse or curly it is recommended that you condition all the way up. Let the conditioner sit for a couple minutes and rinse out. It is ok to leave a little conditioner in your hair, especially if your hair is extra dry.

Properly shampooing your hair will greatly increase the overall strength and quality of your hair. Think of it this way – our hair is essentially a fabric – would we aggressively scrub detergent on our fragile silk blouse? Only if it was caked in mud or paint. Treat your hair the same.