As a hairdresser, I often hear clients simultaneously express their desire for change and their fear of change. While some of us eagerly embrace extreme shifts in our look, others feel quite nervous about what change will feel like. Here are three tips to help you become more comfortable with trying something new this year:

  1. Change one thing at a time. If you’ve always had one length hair, try layers or bangs. Once you become comfortable with that maybe experiment with shifting your color a shade or two.
  2. Use Pinterest for inspiration. If you want to cut your hair short search “short cuts for straight hair” and see what pops up. Create a board and save the images that you like. If you see things you absolutely don’t like save that too! Having a collage of photos will help you communicate effectively with your stylist.
  3. Trust your stylist. As hair professionals, we know what your hair will and won’t do. Ask us questions, take our advice, be honest with us and let us help you land on a new look that’s perfect for you.

Remember that change is good and can be very empowering. If you want to talk about making a change feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our talented stylists!