We are continually hosting community events,  giving back and staying involved within our local community.  be Rosie is about an experience, it is about bringing everyone together in a collaborative and fun environment. 

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Are you ready for change? Tips from a hairdresser

As a hairdresser, I often hear clients simultaneously express their desire for change and their fear of change. While some of us eagerly embrace extreme shifts in our look, others feel quite nervous about what change will feel like. Here are three tips to help you...

Are You a Balayage Candidate?

Balayage is a technique used to lighten hair resulting in a natural, sunkissed look. The balayage look is reminiscent of youthful hair after a summer at the beach; golden and natural. Traditional Balayage uses a gentle, clay-based lightener to slowly lift...

Going Grey

Thinking about going grey? Read on to learn how to stop coloring your hair and let your natural grey shine through, tips from a hairdresser.  It’s trending right now! Look around you and see all of the lovely women rocking their natural grey hair. Have you wondered...