You saw that adorable barista with the cute bangs and had to cut them! Now you hate them. Or you’ve had them for too long and are tired of the look, simply ready for something new. Now what? How do you gracefully grow out bangs? Although the process isn’t always graceful and mostly requires a lot of patience, here are a few tips to hopefully get you over the hump on those bad bangs days.


  • When they are still quite short but not long enough to style differently, invest in headbands, head scarves, bobby pins, clips – any simple accessory to move them out of your face. You can twist them to the side, braid and clip, or just push straight back with a headband.


  • When your hair is damp, blow dry the roots of your bangs to the side (or split down the middle and blow dry to either side). Doing this when the hair is wet manipulates the roots and gives them a better chance of staying in place. You can finish this side or middle part look by spraying a touch of hairspray to the ends of your bangs and pushing them in the direction you want them to go before the spray sets – this helps “lock” bangs into place.


  • Once your bangs have reached a longer length, between cheekbone and chin, you can have purposeful layers added to your cut to help blend in the bangs and move toward a new, fresh look.